Friday, December 28, 2012

More nails from Sarahita!

I hope you guys love Sarahita as much as I do. Since she has so many nail pictures, I get out of doing a design (muahaha!), and you all get a post much sooner. Plus, it gives me time to get pictures of nail polish swatches and company reviews done. Win-win!


These are nails that Sarahita did for a friend. I have to say that I absolutely love the color and the picture. Insane. Anyways! The base is China Glaze Unpredictable, from their Bohemian Luster Chrome collection (I just have to say that since the summer, I haven't had time to follow nail polish blogs and never really saw the swatches for this collection. But my goodness. DUOCHROME. I have to go get the collection now). She added top coat and some green glitter on the thumbnails (you can never have too much glitter... thankfully Sarahita and I are of one mind about glitter), then another coat of top coat to seal it in. Gorgeous!


These are Sarahita's nails (aren't they so cute?), done for fall. Done using a light gold base, China Glaze Midnight Kiss. To make them glittery, she mixed two different shades of orange glitter, and applied it the same way as on the green nails: top coat, spread glitter on, and then sealed it in with another top coat.


This is what she used to brush on the glitter (instead of just sprinkling it on like crazy): A broken manicure brush. Obviously, you can use the brush from a nail polish bottle, but this way you don't have to clean out the glitter from your top coat. Also, just look at all that Shellac in the background. Sarahita's mom owns Patrone's Day Spa in Brooklyn, Michigan (aka, where the Michigan International Speedway is), which is why Sarahita has access to all these fabulous nail polishes. Patrone's Day Spa is in (what I think is) downtown Brooklyn, and it's such a pretty place! Plus, the styles are really updated and they offer a lot of services, so if you happen to be in Michigan, I would definitely check them out!

Pretty nails! It almost makes me want to pull my collection out from under my bed where it's been collecting dust all semester. Almost...

Stay tuned! When I get back to my dorm (where I left most of my supplies), I'll do a comparison post on Sensationail vs. Sally Hansen gel polish, as well as a review of a few different companies that have been waiting for me. And hopefully, in the meantime, Sarahita will have a few designs to send, too!

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