Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nails of the week

I have two nail pictures to show y'all this week! (:

The first one is not my nails, but my sister's. This is the first time that I've done nail art on someone else's hands. If I'd been doing it for myself, it probably would have only taken 15 minutes at most. But... it took closer to 45 minutes, I believe.

I got the design off of one posted on soompi, but I didn't write down the username. This design was done using Zoya Skylar and a black striper and a grey striper.

This is a swatch of China Glaze Dorothy Who. It's so pretty! I got my nails professionally done that time. I know, I could have spent the $10 on a bottle of OPI and done my own nails, but I wanted to see how they shape my nails, do my cuticles, etc. Sadly, I do not own this polish because I didn't get it either time China Glaze released it. It is now my dream to own it though.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zoya True and Fleck Effects 2012 Swatches & Review

I have the new, spring 2012 collection from Zoya for review today. It features 6 colors in the "True" collection, with 3 fleck polishes that can either be worn alone, or layered on top of the nail polishes.



This is Lotus. This one was kind of hard for me to capture! It's a really nice cool purple with pink shimmer. This is three coats, although it was mostly opaque at two. Very nice application (although I did manage to get too impatient and accidentally made a mark on my ring finger). Looks good with my skintone, so I can envision wearing this often. (And I completely forgot to clean off my cuticles in the second picture, so I'm sorry!)



This is Tru. Flash in the second picture to show the shimmer. A nice, deep, red-toned purple with pink shimmer. It dries a shade darker than the bottle (not that you can really tell the bottle's color from my picture, with the way I'm clutching at it), which is kind of weird but it looks really nice!


Cho. Maybe I'm the only one, but when I first heard that name, I thought of Cho Chang from Harry Potter. Just me? Anyways, this is a creamy, yellow-toned shade with a subtle silver shimmer. It actually looks good with my skintone, and I might wear it more often (I don't usually do neutrals/tannish colors like this).


Farah. Dirty beige. It does not look good with my skintone as well, so I probably won't wear it very often. It is pretty though, darker than Cho, and stays close to the bottle color.



Skylar. Wow. This is so pretty! It dries a shade darker than the bottle, actually. I thought it would be a dupe for a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure color, but no way. Skylar is a deep, unique blue with gold and silver shimmer. Awesome shimmer, too. It always turned out in my pictures. The first picture is more true to color.


Bevin. Would it be weird to say that this nail polish reminds me of a person? Not the name or anything, but when I saw Bevin, I instantly thought of my friend. Strange. It is a soft, turquoise-y green. It's extremely pretty! And it actually looked good on me, which I didn't expect from the bottle. I wore it for the longest, a week, and got tons of compliments on it.



Blurred to show the flakes. This is two coats of Lotus with one coat of Chloe on top. It's so pretty! The pink base is (obviously) unnoticeable when it's layered with Lotus.



Two coats of Tru with one coat of Chloe.


Two coats of Cho with one coat of Chloe. (It looks unbelievably beautiful!! In this picture, at least)


Two coats of Farah with one coat of Opal.


Three coats of Skylar with one coat of Maise.


From left: Zoya Maisie, Opal, and Chloe


From left: Zoya Cho, True, and Farah


From left: Zoya Bevin, Lotus, and Skylar

Dry time: Fast for the True Collection, but the Fleck collection takes awhile to dry. Not too long, but it is a bit longer than average dry time.

Color selection: I love the True collection, except I wish they'd done another color instead of two beiges. And the Fleck collection is amazing-- I'm a sucker for flakie top coats. But I do wish that Opal and Maisie weren't so close! Over another polish, they look exactly the same.

Wear time: I wore Bevin for a week, and at the end of the week, the only signs were some average tip wear.

Overall, this collection is very nice, and I'm glad that I got to review it! It was released on Jan. 13th, and you can buy it online at

(Zoya sent these to me to review).