Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Nail Art!

I have a whole long post to publish, with a ton of pictures of what I've been up to, nail-wise, since my last update. However, since tomorrow is July 4th, I wanted to post my manicure for the week!!

The red is Zoya Stella, the white is an Art Deco striper in white, and the blue is Revlon ColorStay Indigo Night, and I finally used my fimo canes (post on that coming soon)! As you might be able to see (hopefully not though), it's not cut very straight or even. Any tips on how to cut the canes easily?

photo (1)

As I said, just a quick post. Sorry for the blurry image--I took the picture on my iPod. Bad idea. Even though it takes like, two seconds longer, I'll have to start using my camera instead.

Happy independence day to my American readers!!