About Me

I'm Melinda (Rakuzen), a junior in college (at Michigan State University), majoring in Communications and Chinese with a minor in Public Relations. Because I work full-time and go to school full-time, I am not always able to post as often as I would like (occasionally I also have to take months-long hiatuses). Since I really love blogging and makeup and nail polish, I do want to use this blog as a creative outlet, so make sure to keep checking back, as I will start posting weekly!

I started Musingsofthenail in high school as a blog for me to post pictures of my manicures as I slowly advanced in my techniques and learned more designs. I do not have my manicurist license, although I would love to get it (and have been considering and researching apprenticeships to that purpose). I love makeup and skin care products, so the blog has expanded to include my reviews of makeup products (I have a train case of products just waiting to be used) and various skin care items. Musingsofthenail has evolved into something that I hope to be able to put in my portfolio when I start applying for jobs in the real world.

Most of my products are purchased by me, and usually I will post where I bought them. If a product has been sponsored by the company, then I will write that in the post so as not to mislead any of my readers. However, all opinions will always be my own.

I have a partner-in-crime. Sarahita. We went to high school together, and now she attends a rival school, but I still love her. Her mother is an amazing hairstylist who owns Patrone's Day Spa in Brooklyn, MI (aka the location of MIS). When I am too busy to do nail art or only have a few minutes to whip up a post, I will probably showcase her talents, so expect some nail art, awesome makeup pictures or something of the like (which is really why we're friends.)

I love mail! My e-mail is mrskimjunsu[at]gmail.com, so feel free to comment or e-mail me for any questions or comments.

I really hope that this blog inspires you to do your own nail art or to start your own make-up collection! :)