Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 2014 Ipsy GlamBag Review

Long time no see! I am finally done with school for the semester, and I am back! I am planning on updating this blog a lot more frequently because I want to be able to use this in my portfolio. So definitely stay tuned and make sure you check back! I have a lot of posts planned and finally everything has come together: most of my pictures have been taken on my iPad lately, because the camera on that is the best one that I have, but transferring the pictures to my laptop takes forever. So I bought a wireless keyboard, and now I can type the posts on my iPad and have them up much quicker! Also, I had a ton of plans for LED/at-home gel nail polish kit posts, but my Sensationail lamp went missing. I just found it, so expect some posts with that within the next month! :)

Here's a simple post to mark my comeback, though. This month's Ipsy GlamBag! 

This month, the products were awesome. I definitely approve! 

The cosmetic bag that the samples come in. That's the nicest thing about Ipsy! I collect make up bags like no other, so I'm glad that I get a new one every month. This one feels like it's made out of canvas material, and it has a green leaf design. 

A 1.76 oz bottle of Avene Thermal Spring Water. So, it feels nice. And it smells nice. And it's supposed to be fancy (it has water taken from French Springs, apparently). But overall, it seems kind of useless because it is just spring water in a spray can. A 10.58 oz bottle is $18, so going by that, this is worth about $3. 

A 60 mL bottle of eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask. I love this so much! I try to take super good care of my hair, and this works great. My hair is very thick and long (past my shoulders), and I have to tie it up a lot for work (which causes split ends like you wouldn't believe). I used this as a hair mask, and it made my hair so smooth and soft, this product makes up for the bottle of spray water! A 60 mL bottle sells for $12 on their website, so this is worth $12. (Although through ipsy, they offer 65% off this hair mask, so I am definitely re-purchasing and stocking up).

This was probably the most surprising item in the bag. A sample of Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria. This was surprising for two reasons: One, it's Calvin Klein. And two, it's not one of those tiny, .000001 oz sprays of perfume sample that most companies usually send out. This is .01 oz of perfume. I love the smell of this! It is floral and very light. This is a rollerball, which I love, and it's so tiny that it can easily fit in a purse but, at the same time, you can use it for more than one or two sprays. A .34oz rollerball of this perfume costs $20 at Ulta, so this is worth... Less than a dollar. Oh well! It's the thought that counts. 

A 2.0g compact of Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow in Duo #2 (Moonbeam & Unicorn). I don't tend to like mineral makeup because it usually creases easily for me, but I do like this one. Plus the color pay-off is quite nice. Unicorn is from their Charmed palette, and Moonbeam is from their Mystical palette.  Just guesstimating (since it's kind of hard to tell with the palettes and this compact), I'd say this eyeshadow compact is worth about $3-4. I love it because purple and white eyeshadows are my favorite :) 

Lastly, sunblock! This is .5 oz of Jersey Shore Sun's Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen. The bottle claims that it is all natural and anti-aging, and it has SPF 35. So this is (as the name suggests) kind of whitening. I did pass it on to my mom because she's a sunscreen nut, and she likes it. It smells nice and it applies smoothly. On their website, they sell 2 tubes of this (which is their travel-size) for $25, so this is worth $12.50. For a relatively tiny bottle! Kind of crazy, but I guess that's the price you pay for whitening, all natural, anti-aging sunscreen. 

And there's my review. All in all, this GlamBag was worth about $31 (if you generously say that the Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria rollerball was worth about $0.50). Not bad, considering you pay $10 shipped for it! And the products were pretty nice. Definitely glad that I made the switch to the GlamBag. 

(This review was not sponsored. I pay for the GlamBag out of my own pocket (which is why I was relatively bitter about the spray bottle of water). 

Stay tuned!