Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Jane Iredale's 24-karat Gold Dust

This is a review of a product that I was super excited to receive! It is Jane Iredale's 24-karat Gold Dust, that you can purchase in Gold, Silver, and Bronze for $13.50 from 

This is what I saw as soon as I opened the box. A sprig of Lavendar! I am a sucker for packaging, so this is such a nice and personal touch. Packaging make up in nice tissue paper helps too, it feels so much more elegant and you could totally send it as a gift. 

The description card that came with it,, which is a note from Jane Iredale and explains a bit about the Lavender sprig and why it was included. This is just such an awesome way to make their customers feel like a part of the family, which is something a good company should do. 

The packaging. A glossy plastic box that the compact comes in. So simple, but the gold edges on the box adds such a nice touch. 

And a little bit of a closer look. I received the bronze shade, which is beautiful. The site recommends applying it to "the eyes, cheeks and lips for a "delicately giled look" that highlights your best features" and recommends adding it to moisturizer or hair gel/leave-in conditioner to make your hair sparkle. 

I tried all three ways. It makes an awesome eyeshadow base, the color is just a bit darker than my skin tone, and the sparkle just showed through my eyeliner. Also, it's easy to just add a little bit to my eyelids in the morning if I don't have time for more make up, just to get a little bit more glitter. Putting it in moisturizer makes it like a tinted moisturizer, which is perfect for the upcoming summer! I didn't really notice it when I mixed it with my hair gel, but my friends said that there was "something different... in a good way" about my hair when I tried it, so apparently it works nicely :) 

As you might have been able to guess, this line is Olympic-Inspired. Too cool, right? This is incredibly pretty and such an awesome value. If I ever run out, I'll definitely re-purchase, and maybe try a new color. 


(This product was sent to me for review).

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