Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 nails

新年快乐!! Happy Lunar New Year!

This post is actually a little bit late, but who cares! Chinese New Year lasts for fifteen days ;) the first day was on Friday, but I was too busy eating my mom's cooking and greedily collecting hong bao to care.

A first for my blog (I think). The nail art today was painted by me, but on my sister's nails! She coerced me into doing her nails for her over the weekend. Her nails/hands are about 100x prettier than mine, so really it all worked out!

The red is (surprisingly, not China Glaze Ruby Pumps) from a brand called Venique. I can't find the name because I don't have the bottle, but I highly recommend this brand! The nail polish applied beautifully. Use two coats over a base coat. 

The glittery gold is Julep Oscar. By itself, this polish is really too sheer to look good. Pictured is a few coats, just because I wanted the glitter to be more dense. With a striping brush, apply 2-3 (depending on how sparse or dense you want the glitter to be) coats on a diagonal across the tips. 

For the ring/accent figure, I offered to either attempt to draw a horse or I could write the Chinese character for horse (because it is the year of the horse and, coincidentally, her zodiac sign!), 马. Considering I draw about as well as a second grader, she wisely chose the second option. So using a striper brush and a Venique foil gold (also of unknown name), I drew the character for horse. 

Overall, the design turned out very well! I had managed to leave nearly all my red and gold (since I don't have a lot of either color) in my apartment, but somehow I managed to find the pack of nail polish that Venique sent me, so it all worked out! 

Lastly, sorry about the obnoxious watermark. I usually use Aviary, but since I haven't updated my iPad yet, I couldn't get it to download. I like this one though, plus it's super simple to use!

Up next, I'll probably post a couple of Valentine's Day designs! 

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