Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: GEO Angel Violet Circle Lenses

Hey guys!

I'm here with a review on my new GEO Angel Violet Circle Lenses! Wheeee!

Actually, I have a ton of reviews and stuff lined up. (Mostly, I'm just waiting to take pictures... then to do the dreaded watermarking, aka the bane of my existence). I have a review of some products from a brand called cellnique, Burt's Bees,and I have more circle lenses to post! But no... don't worry, this won't be becoming a circle lens blog. For one, I don't have enough money for that! And two, I don't really want to have to wear all the circle lenses after I open them! (That sounds weird... what I mean is that I want to save some to open in a few months, instead of hurrying to get all the use out of them as I can before the year is up, when I'd have to buy more.)


I ordered my GEO Angel Violet Circle Lenses from Kiwiberry. I can't find the lenses on their site anymore, but I'm sure you could order them from another site. However, I bought my lenses from Kiwiberry during their Cyber Monday sale, when all lenses were 50% off! Add to that their buy 5, get the 6th pair free deal and I ended up getting six pairs of lenses for $57 shipped. Not bad at all! Especially since 5/6 had prescription in them.

They sent my items in three batches, and actually, I only have received my GEO Angel Violet lenses and a pair of grey lenses so far. I sent them an e-mail and they were super nice about it, so their customer support team is excellent! I'll do a review on my other lenses when I get them. (They're re-sending my lenses. However, because my prescription is so high (-6.5,-6.5), I had to select new lenses in place of some that were out of stock.)


A picture of the bottles. I should mention that it's been a year since I opened circle lens cases (hehe... the pictures from THAT experience are still on my camera, actually...). I COULD NOT GET THIS OPEN. It was horrible. Mostly because I didn't want to damage a nail, but still! What a pain. I did get it open though.


The lenses in the bottle! The color is so vibrant and beautiful, I was super excited to put them on.


This is my natural eye without circle lenses, in fluorescent light. As you can see, my eyes are super dark, really almost black. Such a pain. That's why I love wearing circle lenses! (Also... the black mark under my eye is just my eyeliner smudged by the end of the day. Don't worry.)


Wearing the lens, in fluorescent lighting again. Sadly, the color didn't show up quite as vibrantly on my eyes. That beautiful color from the bottle? Only slightly noticeable.


The lenses in daylight. (It's kind of creepy how you can see the reflection from my lenses...)

Enlargement: 4/10. These lenses are 14.2. I have really small eyes, so I like it when my circle lenses have a little bit bigger of an effect. However, these look very natural, so people could really only tell that I was wearing them when I tilted my head and the light hit my eyes just right.

Color: 6/10. Not too bad, I guess. They blend in pretty well with my eyes, but when the light hits them right you can tell that I'm wearing them.

Comfort: 10/10. Despite the enlargement (or lack, thereof), these lenses were so comfortable! The first day that I wore them, my eyes felt really fuzzy and like I wasn't seeing clearly. Not sure why. But today (the second day?), I had to wear them for 10 hours (8AM class, and then I didn't have a chance to take them out until 6 or 7.) No pain! They only started to get uncomfortable when I was staring at the computer screen for too long, so I decided to take them out. I didn't use eyedrops today, either! Fabulous. (Although I obviously don't recommend that. You're only supposed to wear them for like 8-10 hours max, I think.)

I will keep wearing these. Since I'm in class all day, I think natural is better in this case than having really big, unnatural looking eyes. Plus, I get so self-conscious when people ask if I'm wearing lenses. (It makes me laugh and then my eyes go (n.n) and you can't tell I'm wearing lenses). Lately, people have been asking me "Why would you do that to your eyes?!" or "Aren't you afraid of going blind?!" Err, I wear the circle lenses to correct my (horrible) vision. The color and enlargement is just an added bonus. And also, I'm already going blind. Might as well have nicely colored eyes while I do it!

Anyways! I think I'll soak my EOS 3-Tone grey lenses and wear them in a few days to review. It makes me so excited to get circle lenses!

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