Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zoya Beach Collection Swatches

Here's the first part of the new Zoya summer collection, the Zoya Beach Collection. The press release describes it as being "designed and inspired by resort runways and tropical getaways."

indoor shot of Reagan

middle and pointer finger painted with OPI Dim Sum Plum

Reagan. Described as a "deep cerise pink creme." But on the nail, this is a dark fuchsia colored creme. When I first applied it, I thought it looked familiar, so I compared it with my bottle of OPI's Dim Sum Plum from the Hong Kong collection, and they're an exact match! Can you tell the difference between the colors if you hadn't read the caption?


Lara. Zoya describes this as a "vivid cerise pink cream." It is a lighter fuchsia than Reagan, pretty much matches the bottle color exactly.


Shelby. Another pink! This is described as a "soft pinky pink cream." Very true. This is a very light pink, and it appears almost jelly-like on the nails.


Arizona. Described as a "soft coral orange cream." It is a little bit darker than my picture, but not "pumpkin" colored. A nice color, and it actually looked nice with my skintone because it has a yellow tone to it.


Tracie. A "sea grass metallic." It has a touch of frost shimmer to it, which gives it a pearl-like finish. A nice, soft, light green that I don't have any other of.

outside photo

inside photo

Wednesday. "Soft aqua cream." This one really changes colors for me when you go from inside to the outdoor light. Inside, it's a darker turquoise, but when you go outside, it is a nice light blue. Doesn't really look like the ocean, if that was the intent, but it is a nice, relaxed blue colors. I wore this one last and kept it on for longest, and it has received a lot of compliments.

Each polish has three coats, but Arizona was the only one that really needed it. Something about the polish made it runny and streaky, but if you take time between coats then it should be fine.

Overall, the collection is nice, but three pinks? And none of the colors really scream summer to me, usually I think of neon or very bright colors, but this collection of muted colors is very off-putting. Not that they're not nice colors, but they're not uni que or summer-y.

I know it's been awhile since I last posted (read: a couple of months), but I haven't done any nail art for a few weeks. And I had a nail haul post planned a few weeks ago, using the Blogger for iPod app, but the app ate my post and all the pictures that I had taken for it, so I'll have to re-do that. I am also planning to do another Sensationail post, about different uses and possibilities for it, so I will definitely keep working on that. Meanwhile, the Zoya Surf collection should be up by the end of the week.

(PS, sorry about the watermark on the pictures! Flickr has a new editing program called Aviary to replace Picnik, and it is not nearly as nice or easy to use, so I'm still trying to get my watermarks straight and neat.)

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