Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nails of the week + A nail haul!

I actually got my nails finished early this week!


My pseudo-flower design. I would have liked if each of my nails looked more like the design on my thumbnail, but c'est la vie. The base is Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl. I love this color, except that it's extremely sheer and needs multiple coats to be opaque. And with each coat, if you accidentally nick it or make any type of imperfection, it will show through. But the color is so pretty that it's almost worth it. So, about three coats of Tokyo Pearl, then I used Seche Vite to dry it.

To make the designs, just draw the black outline with a black striper (I used L.A. Colors Black), then line the inside with a pink striper (I used L.A. Colors Pink).

Plus, my nail haul from last week. All Sinful Colors are from Walgreens (which had a 99 cent sale for SC), and the other picture is all from Rite-Aid. I know, 17 polishes sounds extreme. But they were all such a good deal!

From left to right: Sinful Colors Savage, Queen of Beauty, Nirvana, Boogie Nights, and San Francisco.


I'll update with the names later tonight because I don't have the polishes right next to me. As always, will swatch on request.

I love buying nail polish on a discount because, even if the color doesn't suit my skintone or tastes, I have friends who, knowing I'm a nail polish junkie, are always willing to take it off my hands.

And that's it! I'll have a new design hopefully on Monday, and maybe I'll get around to posting up all the nail art tools and decorations that I got off eBay (: 'Til then!

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