Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Nails! Part 1

I am back! I swear, I did not plan on taking so long to return to my blog, but I have a ton of excuses (finals, malfunctioning computer, no time, etc.). However, as you might have noticed, I am revamping the blog and I am planning on doing a ton more posts, so be on the lookout for them!

 Since Christmas is only four days away, I am planning on doing a post of Christmas/winter/holiday-themed nails every day until then!

First up is a super simple and quick design. This manicure, from start-to-finish, only took me about fifteen minutes. (Admittedly, the lines on the french manicure part are not perfect (I have not figured out the trick yet)), but even with touch-up it should not take too long, so it is the perfect design for beginners.

The cast of characters for this design are:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Butter London British Racing Green, and Art Deco Gold.


The method: Paint two layers of Ruby Pumps as the base on all five nails, then use a striping brush to paint the Butter London British Racing Green on the nail tips of every finger except the middle finger (I just used a brush from one of my Art Deco polishes).  Using the Art Deco Gold, paint a line between the green and red on each nail.


For the little Christmas tree (which was inspired by a post on my pinterest board, I used the striping brush to paint three triangles on top of each other. When that dried, I used the Art Deco gold to draw a line at the base of each triangle. I could not find any brown nail polish, so I used an Essie (cannot find the bottle... I think it is taupe something) to make a blob to serve as the stump.

So yep, a super simple design that looks amazing and catches the eye (because of all the glitter), and uses Christmas colors!

Tomorrow, I am thinking a snow/snowman design. Stay tuned!

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