Saturday, October 8, 2011

Star nail of the week


Okay, so I did do a nail design last week. And this week.

But I didn't post it because I am lazy. :)

Here is my nail art from two weeks ago. It came from a nail artist on Soompi, but I'm afraid that I did not write down who did it (I just saved the picture a couple of months ago. Regret.) I kind of failed.

The blue color is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dive Deeper. Sort of. When I put on the first coat, is quite sheer. And way too light for my tastes. So I frankened the entire bottle to be darker, by adding 4-5 drops of a Sinful Colors nail polish. Whose name (and bottle) escapes me, but I will find it and update it.

Anyways! Then I drew the design with a very dark blue glitter striper polish (okay, I know. That was doomed for failure). It was too liquidy and sheer, so it barely showed up. So I went over that with a silver glitter striper polish. Then I didn't like the way that looked. So I went over it with a purple glittery striper, and then outlined the purple with silver.

I spent way too long on such an easy nail art. And then I was patting myself on the back for that, and completely failed with the picture. Wow. I have no idea HOW I did not see that before I put my camera away (Oh, right. I'm too lazy to check! sob) I should really warn you, by the way, that you can click on the picture to expand it. But if you do, it's blurry. It kind of looks okay (from really far away and without expanding it. And if you just hit spacebar over and over until you get past it).

Anyways! There's a swatch too. One coat of Dive Deeper. (without any cleanup. As you can very clearly tell). It's such a pretty color in the bottle, I'm sad it's so sheer and light.


Any tips for how to get good nail shots? Sometimes I take them outside, but that usually makes them look worse as opposed to better. Here I was, thinking that I was getting better.

I was sadly mistaken. Till next time.

Also, I just cleaned my nail polish collection. And organized it. 30 minutes later and 89 polishes later, well... Just expect a post soon. :)

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